When I initiated the Crisafi Challenge, I never expected that I would be receiving personal letters from the scholarship recipients. Just knowing that the Challenge was a success, thanks to so many generous COP alums, was more than enough to satisfy me.  I wasn’t thinking about how those who were awarded scholarships would be feeling in their minds and hearts.  Then I began to receive personal letters from the recipients thanking me for the scholarships they received.  As I read the letters, it was evident the words were sincere. I was able to understand more fully how much these scholarships meant to these first year Pharm.D. candidates.  I further understood first-hand how the financial assistance they received was helping them attain their dreams of receiving a Pharm.D. degree…for some a feat that they thought was beyond their means.  For me, each and every letter received is a personal treasure of “goodness”.

Click here to read letters from the scholarship recipients

Thank You Letters From Crisafi Scholars – A Pleasant Surprise!

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