I’m frequently asked…why are you so passionate about awarding scholarships to the best and brightest students who want to attend our great college of pharmacy?  I have several answers to that question and similar questions about my passion for scholarship aid.

To me, when I see college tuitions that have become unaffordable and student loans that have become almost unbearable to handle, I immediately think about those excellent students who want to pursue a Pharm.D. degree to become a member of what I consider one of the finest professions on this earth.  One might consider my bias toward the profession of pharmacy as being derived from my personal successes in business – that is only partially true.  Yes, being fortunate to have started several pharmaceutical businesses played an important role in my decision to create and support the Crisafi Challenge in perpetuity.  But, my story and most important reason for giving-back to the UF College of Pharmacy, is about my personal life while I studied for my Ph.D. degree at the University of Florida’s College of Pharmacy.

Without the financial aid I received from the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education and without the teaching assistantship I was granted by the University, I don’t think I would have had the financial support needed to complete my education.  Today, at age 87 and looking back at my life as a graduate student, I find that many things that occurred during those times have been forgotten…but what I haven’t forgotten is the feelings and emotions I had sixty-five years ago when I was notified that I was awarded the AFPE Fellowship.  That was news that will remain in my memory forever and was a strong incentive for me to develop the annual scholarship program known as the “Crisafi Challenge”.

Let me explain two of the most important objectives of the “Crisafi Challenge”.  The first, as mentioned above, is to recruit the best and brightest Pharm.D. candidates in the USA to study at our College of Pharmacy.  The second objective, which is just as important as the first, is my desire to help uplift the UF College of Pharmacy’s ranking from the No. 9 position to the No. 5 position in the USA.  I find these two objectives to be synergistic in that ranking organizations, such as US News and World Report, consider the quality of a student body to be a highly weighted criterion in its ranking process.  Therefore, those very students who have been selected as Crisafi Scholars are certain to contribute to a smart and diverse student body…that in turn favorably influences the ranking score of the college.

Every pharmacist who has graduated from the UF College of Pharmacy will benefit when their college is recognized as a highly ranked, prestigious institution.  That’s a wonderful reason for donating to the “Crisafi Challenge” -is it not?

Please donate to the 2018 Crisafi Challenge…October 3rd through October 12th.

Dr. Bob

September 22, 2018

Increasing The Ranking of UF College of Pharmacy

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