When we were deciding on some type of a tracking device to show the daily donations to the Crisafi Challenge, I suggested that we use a cylindrical graduate because pharmacist would relate to that idea. Also, it would lend branding to the 10-day fund raising campaign.

A pure coincidence…below, you will see a photo of myself filling a cylindrical graduate while working as a part-time pharmacist at Hoffman’s Pharmacy located on University Ave. in Gainesville Center.  That photo was taken nearly 65 years ago.  Recently, I thought to myself, that the photo at Hoffman’s Pharmacy had something in common with the cylindrical graduate being used to track donations for the Crisafi Challenge.  At that time, I was filling a cylindrical graduate in order to work my own way through college, while today pharmacy alumni and friends are making donations to fill a similar cylindrical graduate to help needy students work their own way through college.

I just had to pass these thoughts on to all of you who are generously helping fill the Crisafi Challenge cylindrical graduate to benefit those needy scholars who are working hard to make their dreams of becoming a pharmacist come true.

In 1953 Dr. Bob was filling cylindrical graduates to work his way through graduate school at the UFCOP
Today, college of pharmacy alumni are being challenged to fill a cylindrical graduate with donations to help needy students attain their dreams of becoming pharmacists.
  -Wonderful results!- Scholarship Recipients

Just a Coincidence – I’m Still Filling the Cylindrical Graduate

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