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Dean Julie Johnson

“It is hard to believe how quickly Dr. Bob’s 2015 vision for the “Crisafi Challenge” has taken hold.  In this short time Dr. Bob and Barbara Crisafi have stepped forward to make significant cash and legacy gifts to the college that will Continue Reading

Michael A. Schwartz, Dean Emeritus

The Crisafi Challenge has opened new doors to help our students achieve the Doctor of Pharmacy degree.   I know that these students greatly appreciate this assistance. This is one of the best ways to contribute to the future of our Continue Reading

JoAnn Nuccio

“Dr. Bob is an inspiration to me. He pushed the envelope to improve dispensing systems for pharmacy. Dr. Bob is a living example of how much can be done with a pharmacy degree. I like to encourage new students to Continue Reading

Steve and Judy DiOrio

Thirty plus years ago I had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Bob as he acquired a business segment which was divested by my employer. This transaction provided me with the benefit of Dr. Bob’s mentorship and guidance which was Continue Reading

Ellen Woods, President AFPE

The American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education (AFPE) is proud to join Dr. Bob in the Crisafi Challenge, which funds PharmD students at the University of Florida. The Crisafi Challenge allows students who are passionate about studying pharmacy to attend the Continue Reading

Bob Walker

“Knowing that all of the money raised is being used for scholarships to help needy students to fund their education is my reason for donating to the Crisafi Challenge. I’ve worked as the CFO for Dr. Bob for more than Continue Reading

Philip Rogero

“I give to the Cristafi Challenge because I believe in the UF College of Pharmacy and the amazing people and pharmacists it produces. With our aging population, these are the future leaders of the industry. I’m proud to offer support.”

Mark Hobbs

“Education is the gift that no one can take away, and it’s an honor to support Dr Bob’s generous scholarship program. The Crisafi Challenge allows my contribution to go even further in helping support our students at the best College Continue Reading

Brynn Huysman

I am honored to be able to give to the Crisafi Challenge. I had the privilege of working with Dr. Bob on this fundraising initiative during my time at the UF College of Pharmacy and he is truly an inspiration. Continue Reading

Stephen Reeder

“Giving to the UFCOP has been a long tradition in our family.  We have always looked for the long term payout outcome.  When the Crisafi Challenge began two years ago we thought that this would be a perfect way to Continue Reading

David Newton

“I contributed to the Crisafi Challenge because (1) I am a loyal orange and blue triple Gator Pharmacy graduate, (2) Dr. Crisafi and I were both supervised by the late Dr. Charles H. Becker for our Ph.D. degrees with industrial pharmaceutical Continue Reading

Frank Giglio

“I know from my experience as a pharmacy student any financial aid is a gift from above.  Without Dr. Bob as a mentor, I would not be in a position to pass on this gift to others.  The Crisafi Challenge Continue Reading

Casey Jackson

My mom, dad and sister all told me that I had to donate to the Crisafi Challenge when I was in the 8th grade.  I remember asking them why do I have to donate if I’m not in college.  The Continue Reading

Toni Harrison

“The University of Florida College of Pharmacy has always been one of the top ranked Colleges of Pharmacy in the state and certainly also in the nation. (Even in my day). I am thankful to have received both my B.S. Continue Reading

Ed Hamilton

“I have participated in the Crisafi Challenge from the beginning. What a great way to see your donation matched by Dr. Bob!  All of the donations go to fund student pharmacist scholarships. Having had the privilege to meet some of Continue Reading

Rhonda Dehoff

“I wanted to contribute to the future of the profession of pharmacy and specifically to the UF College of Pharmacy students.”

Chris Xing

“Pharmacy is such an important discipline to our healthcare system that rigorous training is absolutely necessary, like the UF COP program. This needs significant financial commitment from the students and their families. It is so fortunate that Bob, as the Continue Reading

John Merianos, Ph.D., Kappa Psi Brother - Gamma Lambda Chapter -

“In 1958 and 1959, Dr. Bob Crisafi was my professor in Pharmaceutical Technology and my mentor while attending undergraduate school at New England College of Pharmacy. I’m also a fraternity brother of the Gamma Lambda Chapter of Kappa Psi pharmacy Continue Reading

John Murphy

“I support the Crisafi challenge so future generations of pharmacists receive the opportunities provided to me. I was fortunate to leave college debt free, but most students today aren’t so lucky. Dr. Crisafi understands the importance of giving students opportunities Continue Reading

Dr. Bob

“Although the Crisafi Challenge is by far the most ambitious scholarship program that I’m associated with, Barbara and I have always understood the importance of scholarships and the role they play in helping needy students achieve their goal to becoming pharmacists. Other Continue Reading

Larry and Alice Pahigian

“The Crisafi Challenge was initiated by Dr.Bob to develop scholarships for the recruitment of astute, motivated, honorable students as future pharmacists. I encourage my colleagues, friends, and alumni to provide financial support, as I have, to accomplish the goals of Continue Reading

Ashley Shipley

“I gave to the Crisafi Challenge because not only is Dr. Bob my grandfather (Papa), but the University of Florida is both of our alma mater. I admire the work my Papa has put into giving other students the opportunity to Continue Reading

Valerie Griffith

“I have always been a firm believer that education is essential.  With the great advancements we have made in every field, higher education is becoming even more important and it is even more important that we get the best education Continue Reading

Donna and Craig Shipley

“Dr.Robert Crisafi, also known as Dr. Bob, and humbled to call him DAD, is a man of enormous faith, integrity and love.  He has not only been a mentor and role model but a great inspiration to me and my family.  Continue Reading

Joyce and Mendy Glicksberg

“‘Dr. Bob’ came to UF as a grad student in the fall of 1953. My husband came to start teaching at the Law School that same year. We lived in the same apartment complex and became great friends. Bob worked Continue Reading

George and Linda Romano

As my brother-in-law, I have known Bob, Dr. Robert Crisafi, most of my life.  Bob’s faith, integrity, and  respect for education has impacted many lives and continues to do so. On several occasions, Bob has shared many wonderful memories of Continue Reading

Joan Morales

“It is an honor to donate to the Crisafi Challenge. This scholarship drive is certainly a worthy and admirable endeavor. I believe one should contribute when the opportunity presents itself to donate to students in need to promote their higher Continue Reading

Lisa and Michael Jackson

I witnessed the last day of the 2015 Crisafi Challenge, in the court yard of the Pharmacy College.  I’ll never forget that day.  It was the first year of the Crisafi Challenge. The $10,000 goal was matched and donations kept Continue Reading

Adonice Khoury

“I donate to the Crisafi Challenge because I am inspired by Dr. Bob’s gratitude and motivation to give back. His generosity is contagious! Also, the idea that my donation is matched makes my donation literally feel twice as helpful.”

John Gums

“Almost everyone in pharmacy has benefited in some way from “giving forward.” Participation in the Crisafi Challenge provides a meaningful opportunity to pay back that benefit. The fact that my donation contributes to the opportunity for a student to attend Continue Reading

Heather Hardin

“Once I found out about the Crisafi Challenge, I knew I had to contribute.  As UF College of Pharmacy graduate who understands the struggle of paying for school on top of life’s other demands, I wanted to help other students Continue Reading

Juan Hincapie-Castillo

“Donating to the Crisafi Challenge is a way to pay it forward. As an alumnus of the College of Pharmacy, I have a sense of responsibility in ensuring not only our college keeps advancing, but also our profession. Our college Continue Reading

John Schriner

“As an annual supporter of UF academically, I have been able to participate in an employer dollar for dollar match most of my career. As my current corporation no longer matches, I find that the Crisafi Challenge lets me continue Continue Reading

Jeenu Philip

“The Crisafi Challenge is one way to give back to the profession and to UF and see exactly who your money is impacting.  It’s wonderful to see the gratitude on the faces of these young students as they realize what Continue Reading

April Johnston

“As a 2002 graduate of the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, I could not be more proud of the education and experience provided to me during my tenure at UF.  Being a part of the Crisafi Challenge has allowed Continue Reading

Almut Winterstein

“Dr. Crisafi is not only a great philanthropist but also an excellent investor. Education is one of the most critical investments into our society and the Crisafi Challenge support students to graduate from one of the best pharmacy schools in Continue Reading

Mike Mustard

“I really liked the idea of the new scholarships going to first year Pharmacy students. These could be used to help to recruit out of state applicants that may not have otherwise been able to afford to come to UF. Continue Reading

Tom Musgrave, CPA, MST

The Crisafi Challenge is a wonderful initiative.  Dr. Bob has been a close friend for more than 25 years; a period during which I have been his CPA.  We have had many conversations about UFCOP and the positive impression the Continue Reading

Diane Beck

“Even with cost of living adjustments, the cost of a degree today is more than what my pharmacy classmates and I faced as a student. By giving to support Crisafi scholarships, I am reassured knowing it will make a difference.  Continue Reading

Beth King

“Donating to UF College of Pharmacy Crisafi Challenge helps me give back to the next generation of students and make an impact on the future of our profession.  Thank you Dr. Bob for making a difference!”

David Kelemen

“The reason I give to the fall challenge is to provide resources to advance pharmacist and pharmaceuticals as the primary factor in solving the maladies that plague humanity.  There is a second part to this challenge – the challenge to Continue Reading

Steven Smith

“My wife and I give because we recognize that our success is a direct consequence of many people investing in us. The generous matching by Dr. Crisafi allows us to pay forward that investment two-fold. Beyond that, the funds raised Continue Reading

Michael Schneider

“I choose to give to the Crisafi Challenge because Dr. Bob has done such a wonderful service to the school by starting this project.  It is a wonderful feeling to be able to support students and at the same time Continue Reading

Roy Kupkowski, Kappa Psi Brother - Gamma Lambda Chapter -

In 1964, when I was accepted for admission to the New England College of Pharmacy, my next challenge was paying for the tuition and books. Thanks to President Eisenhower’s National Defense Student Loan program I was able to borrow money Continue Reading


Having worked closely with Dr. Bob on highly confidential and critical tasks, I have seen firsthand his dedication to just and ethical behavior and a constant desire to “do the right thing”.  This is why I am not surprised at Continue Reading

Charles Peloquin

“The Crisafi Challenge makes it possible to support students who otherwise would have a difficult time affording this education… a gift that lasts a lifetime.”

Charles Petalas, Kappa Psi Brother - Gamma Lambda Chapter -

The “Crisafi Challenge” is truly one of the many ways to depict who Dr. Bob is as a person, scholar, visionary and as a human being – always giving back, always thinking of others and always pushing the envelope to Continue Reading

Emma Coscia

I have known Bob for more than 20 years. I have witnessed so many good things that he has done to help people over those 20 years. Recently Bob was explaining to me about the Crisafi Challenge. He showed me Continue Reading

Fred Matula, Kappa Psi Brother - Gamma Lambda Chapter -

Doc Bob is and always was concerned regarding young pharmacy students. In 1956 he started the Gamma Lambda Chapter of KY @ the New England College of Pharmacy (now Northeastern University College of Pharmacy).  When I began my pharmacy studies, Continue Reading

Stephen Tarallo Lyne Laboratories, CEO

We have known Dr. Bob Crisafi and his wife Barbara for over thirty-eight (38) years.  By way of background, during the summer of 1979 a mutual business acquaintance introduced us to Bob during a time my two (2) brothers and Continue Reading

Caitlin Jackson

I’m always hearing a lot about the Crisafi Challenge, because it’s my papa, Dr. Bob, who founded and continues to sponsor the Crisafi Challenge at the College of Pharmacy. He wanted to do something good for students who chose to Continue Reading

Vincent Bilotti, Kappa Psi Brother - Gamma Lambda Chapter -

I’ve donated to the Crisafi Challenge because Doc explained to all of the graduate brothers of Kappa Psi exactly how the monies collected would be used for scholarships and nothing else.  I think that information is very useful because I Continue Reading

Diana Ching, Kappa Psi Brother - Gamma Lambda Chapter -

I first met Dr. Bob as a Northeastern University pharmacy student and as a Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity brother in April 2015.  He had so generously hosted a luncheon with the Gamma Lambda chapter brothers to reunite and meet new Continue Reading

Bob Davio, Kappa Psi Brother - Gamma Lambda Chapter -

I’m donating to the Crisafi Challenge because I find it meaningful to help a worthy student realize his/her goal to become a pharmacist.  My own lifetime career spans over a period of 60 years as a hospital pharmacist at the Continue Reading

Steve Sampson

Dr. Bob asked me if I would donate money to his scholarship program at the university of Florida.  He talked to me for more than an hour about why he started raising money for scholarships. He told me that the Continue Reading

Paul Myron, Kappa Psi Brother - Gamma Lambda Chapter -

I am presently retired and I’m writing to express my feelings about helping pharmacy students to reach their goals in life.  My pharmacy education allowed me the opportunity to be employed for 30 years by the prestigious pharmaceutical company, Parke Continue Reading

Bob Pasquariello, Kappa Psi Brother - Gamma Lambda Chapter -

Dr. Bob has established a challenge to help pharmacy students in need.  Dr. Bob’s whole career is committed to the profession of pharmacy and helping students to make a career in pharmacy.  He has been a professor, a retail pharmacist Continue Reading

Philip Tarallo Lyne Laboratories, CFO

The Crisafi Challenge Scholarship Fund  is as important to Bob Crisafi as any business endeavor that he has ever undertaken.  In Dr. Bob’s own words, “when it comes to the “Challenge” I have a tendency to over-extend my passion to Continue Reading

John Haley ArtLidz, President

Dr. Bob was an early supporter of our mission and we are pleased to be able to contribute to the “Crisafi Challenge”, a cause he is passionate about. Our art company,  ArtLidz, uses paint to create images and profits from Continue Reading

Derek Kelly Webmaster

When Dr. Bob first came to me about working on crisafichallenge.com, I was more than happy to help. As I begun working on it and learning more about his cause, I was inspired by his generosity. I decided to donate Continue Reading

Lyne Laboratories, Inc.

Lyne Laboratories’ management and employees are well aware of Dr. Bob’s passion and enthusiasm for helping students who require financial assistance. The intent of Lyne’s donations to the Crisafi Challenge, over the years, has been to augment the donations given Continue Reading

Michael Coscia Flight Attendant

I feel the Crisafi Challenge is a very good fund raiser especially because it is dedicated to giving scholarships to needy students. Going to college is very costly for families, and student loans put a burden on graduates who are Continue Reading

Joop M. Grevelink MD, PhD

It has been such a privilege and pleasure to know Bob Crisafi as a neighbor and a patient for over 25 years now. Our connection became even stronger when we realized that my significant other, Natalie Jones, is a proud Continue Reading

KAPPA PSI, Brothers of the Kappa Psi GAMMA SIGMA CHAPTER - UF -

  The Crisafi Challenge started by Dr. Bob has been a resounding success and this year has raised the bar to an even higher level. It is an honor to say that this fellow Kappa Psi-Gamma Sigma Chapter Brother was Continue Reading

William E. Ruffier, Jr.

As a Florida Alumni myself, I admire Dr. Crisafi’s ambition to grow the Gator community in an occupation that continues to improve health throughout the world.  The Crisafi Challenge has grown to help more and more students, and even though Continue Reading

Matthew N. Goldstein

I donated to the Crisafi Challenge, to give something back to the University of Florida.  I graduated with my BS in pharmacy from St. John’s University in NY in 1994.  In 2008, one of my ex-bosses who is also a Continue Reading

Linda James

I’m always looking for places where I can give and provide a lasting impact. When I heard that the Crisafi Challenge matches donations, it was an easy decision knowing that what I contribute is just the beginning. It gives me Continue Reading

Larisa Cavallari

I support the Crisafi Challenge because I was fortunate to have similar support for my pharmacy education and know how much it meant to me.  I am now in a position to pay it forward by supporting the next generation Continue Reading

David DeRemer

“According to AACP data, the 2016 Pharm.D. graduate will amount on average $157,425 in student loan debt.  I applaud the efforts of great philanthropists such as Dr. Crisafi to combat this financial burden placed upon our students.  We eagerly donate Continue Reading

Christina DeRemer

Participating in the Crisafi Challenge allows my husband and me to contribute to the training of future pharmacist at the UF College of Pharmacy.  The Crisafi scholars can focus on advancing in the pharmacy profession without financial worries and that Continue Reading

Ashlan Kunz Coyne

I contributed to the Crisafi Challenge as a current student pharmacist at the University of Florida to facilitate the continued enrollment of high caliber students into our college. I have had the privilege of meeting multiple Crisafi Scholars over the past two years, Continue Reading

Carol Motycka

I gave to the Crisafi Challenge because I understand the need to pay it forward.  As a former student who received a scholarship in pharmacy school at a critical point during which I needed the funds badly, I understand how Continue Reading

Jennifer Tucker

As a top 10 ranked pharmacy college, it’s an honor to give to our best and brightest students.  I donated to the Crisafi Challenge to provide an opportunity for outstanding students to continue their journey as future pharmacists but also Continue Reading

W. W. Acholonu, Jr., Pharm.D., MBA

You know I am a proud Gator. I am proud because of the high-level professional education I received from the UF College of Pharmacy. It is my wish that aspiring students, especially those from lower socio-economic status are given opportunities Continue Reading

Tom and Janet Schmittgen

The Crisafi Challenge presents us with a reminder and an opportunity to give back what we have been given.  It is a reminder of how the generosity of others helped us when we were pharmacy students.  It is an opportunity to Continue Reading

Matt Kirchoff

“I give to the Crisafi Challenge because I want the University of Florida College of Pharmacy to have the resources necessary to continue to attract the best students, so that these students can later help further improve the quality of Continue Reading

Richard Segal, Ph.D.

Dr. Bob has once again energized the College community to give to something really important – attracting the most competitive students to the University of Florida and helping pharmacy students to reduce their tuition expenses.  What better purpose for giving.  Continue Reading

Max Hurley

Having just joined the team at the UF College of Pharmacy and meeting Dr. Bob for the first time, it was immediately clear that his personality and drive to support the best and brightest students was truly infectious! The care Continue Reading

Elizabeth Zipper

The Crisafi Challenge has transformed scholarships and fundraising at the college of pharmacy – and I’ve been immensely proud to watch Dr. Bob’s vision come to life! Thank you for your ingenuity, generosity and encouragement to transform our college into Continue Reading

Thanh Hogan

I feel fortunate to be able to give to the Crisafi Challenge.  Alone, my donation may not be much, but combined with Dr. Bob’s match and donations from others, I know we can make a huge impact.  I am proud Continue Reading

Daohong Zhou

I joined UF College of Pharmacy in March 2018 and was immediately impressed by the high quality of our students and the excellency of the education programs in the college. I believe that these are partially attributable to the financial Continue Reading

We need more alumni and friends like you! So, please write a testimonial and attach a photo so we can post it on the website.

Write Your Own Testimonial