As my brother-in-law, I have known Bob, Dr. Robert Crisafi, most of my life.  Bob’s faith, integrity, and  respect for education has impacted many lives and continues to do so. On several occasions, Bob has shared many wonderful memories of his professors, mentors, and student colleagues  at the University of Florida. When I was in the third grade, I visited Bob and Barbara with my mother and father for one week.  I remember so well, him taking me up to his laboratory and demonstrating how tablets are made.That was a memorable experience for a young boy, one that I will never forget. Bob has never forgotten the opportunity the Graduate School at the University of Florida afforded him in pursuing a multifaceted career in the pharmaceutical field. The Crisafi Challenge is a way to help deserving students attain that same opportunity, and honor the University of Florida for its excellent Graduate School of Pharmacy.  Much success, Bob and Barbara, with the Crisafi Challenge !

George and Linda Romano

George and Linda Romano June 14, 2017