I’m donating to the Crisafi Challenge because I find it meaningful to help a worthy student realize his/her goal to become a pharmacist.  My own lifetime career spans over a period of 60 years as a hospital pharmacist at the Hartford Hospital in Hartford Connecticut.  Those years have been good to me and my family. Pharmacy is a profession that offers an opportunity to help ordinary people manage their healthcare needs.  By making a donation to the Crisafi Challenge, I feel I’m helping to give worthy students, through scholarship help, the opportunity to receive the same benefits that I have had as a pharmacist in my own life. In addition to being the founder and leader in our fraternity, Dr. Bob was a mentor to me and so many other students when we attending the college of pharmacy at NECP.

Bob Davio, Kappa Psi Brother – Gamma Lambda Chapter –

Bob Davio, Kappa Psi Brother - Gamma Lambda Chapter - September 14, 2017