Briana Ballister April 5, 2017

Dear Dr. Crisafi,

I am writing to thank you for creating and sponsoring the Crisafi Challenge scholarships.  As a recipient, I am extraordinarily grateful for your generosity and the initiative you took to create the fund.  Your determination to give back to our school and to promote its excellence is truly admirable.

Though I enthusiastically look forward to beginning my career in pharmacy, my path up to this point has been very non-linear.  I began my undergraduate studies at the United States Naval Academy where I studied English, Japanese, and systems Engineering.  A spinal fracture cut short may navel career and interrupted my studies, leaving me to find a new plan.  After several moves with a husband in the Navy, birth of twin daughters, and a divorce, I found enough stability to refocus.  It was with great joy that, as I completed prerequisites and gained experience, I discovered working toward a career in pharmacy feels like pursuing passion rather than pursuing a degree as I had in the past.  After balancing single-parenthood, maintaining a full-time academic schedule, and working to support the three of us, I am thrilled to be attending the Gainesville campus of the University of Florida College of Pharmacy this fall.

In my time in hospital pharmacy at the University of Virginia Medical Center, I have focused my efforts on transitions of care and improving patient outcomes through the discharge process.  I will be honored to carry on your legacy of commitment to patient care and safety.  I am forever grateful for your support as I begin to build a career you can be proud to have contributed to.

Respectfully and with sincere thanks,
Briana Ballister
UFCOP Class of 2020

Briana Ballister
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