Even with cost of living adjustments, the cost of a degree today is more than what my pharmacy classmates and I faced as a student. By giving to support Crisafi scholarships, I am reassured knowing it will make a difference.  For example, some students will worry less about how to pay their bills and can instead focus more on achieving excellence.  Also, the UF College of Pharmacy will be able to attract the most highly qualified students.

As a student, I received a scholarship. I vividly remember writing a thank you note to the donor and how appreciative I felt as I was writing it.   That scholarship certainly lessened my worry about how I would pay for tuition, a dorm room, and books that year.   Perhaps most helpful was that the scholarship bolstered my self-confidence in what I could accomplish (and to study even harder) once I realized the donors were “investing” in me to make a difference in pharmacy.”

Diane Beck

Diane Beck July 11, 2017