Crisafi Scholars 2021 - Elise Heiman

Elise Heiman June 8, 2017

Dr. Crisafi,

As a Crisafi Scholar, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your generosity and support of the pharmacy students at the University of Florida.

From a young age, science has always fascinated me. When I entered college, my passion continued to grow and become more focused, as I began to pursue a degree in Biology at UF. This growing passion led me to aspire to pursue my degree as a Doctor of Pharmacy. While my love of science has not dwindled over the years, my compassion and desire to pursue a career that directly helps other people has grown. Through my experiences in college I found that pharmacy is a career that perfectly combines my two greatest passions in life: science and helping other people. As a person constantly looking for ways to improve myself and develop as a person, pharmacy with the potential for new developments, research, and career growth calls for exactly those qualities. Together these factors allowed me to decide that pharmacy was the best possible path I could follow to feel fulfilled in the workplace. In the future, I aspire to get a residency in order to pursue a career as an Intensive Care Unit pharmacist. I know that my education at the UF College of Pharmacy will allow me to accomplish my goals and ensure that my future plans will be come a reality.

Receiving this scholarship is a high honor because not only does it provide financial support that assists me in pursuing my ambitions, but it also distinguishes me from my peers as a Crisafi Scholar. This motivates me to continue to strive for academic excellence, so that I earn the title that I am so proud to hold. In addition to motivating me academically, this scholarship humbled me and showed me that hard work and dedication truly pay off. I am inspired by this to continue to work hard at my passions, not only academically but also personally and philanthropically. It motivated to constantly strive to be the best version of myself, and for that I am thankful. This scholarship has provided me with the opportunity to pursue an incredible education at one of the most prestigious institutions in the country and given me a confidence and motivation to reach all of my goals.

Once again, thank you for providing me with this scholarship and allowing me to accomplish my goals and become the best version of myself.

Elise Heiman

Elise Heiman
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