The American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education (AFPE) is proud to join Dr. Bob in the Crisafi Challenge, which funds PharmD students at the University of Florida. The Crisafi Challenge allows students who are passionate about studying pharmacy to attend the University of Florida, unencumbered by financial barriers. We hope you will join AFPE and Dr. Bob in supporting the Crisafi Challenge and giving back to the next generation of pharmacy students. The AFPE has supported pharmacy education for the past 75 years. We have seen the long-term benefits of investing in the education of PharmD and PhD students in improving patient care and healthcare outcomes. Our Gateway program focuses on funding PharmD students interested in pursuing research. One of our highly accomplished former fellows, Dr. Bob Crisafi, shares AFPE’s mission.

Ellen Woods, President

Ellen Woods, President AFPE April 1, 2017