Doc Bob is and always was concerned regarding young pharmacy students. In 1956 he started the Gamma Lambda Chapter of KY @ the New England College of Pharmacy (now Northeastern University College of Pharmacy).  When I began my pharmacy studies, in September of 1960, I was immediately impressed with the brothers of the KY fraternity. After I became a brother, I realized the hard work that Dr. Crisafi had put into starting the Chapter and making it successful. Now having met Doc personally on a number of occasions, I see that he still has that desire to help young pharmacy students. It is a pleasure to contribute to the Crisafi Challenge and to help these students get accepted to the UF. The pharmacy profession has been rewarding for me and will be for the Crisafi scholars after they earn their Pharm.D. degree.

Fred Matula, Kappa Psi Brother – Gamma Lambda Chapter –

Fred Matula, Kappa Psi Brother - Gamma Lambda Chapter - September 6, 2017