Gustavo Alvira-Arill April 5, 2017

Dear Dr. Bob Crisafi,

My name is Gustavo Rey Alvira-Arill and I was recently accepted into the University of Florida’s College of Pharmacy for the Fall 2016 semester.  Shortly after being accepted by the university, I received a letter informing me that I received a scholarship in response to your scholarship challenge.  If it were not for you, alumni, and friends of the College of Pharmacy, I would not have been graced with the financial opportunity to further my education.

My desire to become a pharmacist stems back to when I was diagnosed with type one diabetes when I was twelve years old.  Dealing with my diagnosis was stressful both physically and emotionally; however, with the care of physicians and pharmacists, I have been able to overcome and make the best out of my disease.  However, there are others who deal with other physiological disorders, where unlike with diabetes and insulin, who do not have readily available treatment plans.  Hence, I have  decided to become an investigational pharmacist to ensure that the production and trialing of new drugs for patients with the aforementioned diseases yields fruitful results to give patients better clinical outcomes.

With the University of Florida’s College of Pharmacy being one of the top ten pharmacy schools in the nation, it is with little surprise that it did not take very long for me to accept their offer of admission.  In addition, thanks to your efforts along with the rest of the participating alumni, your challenge has raised scholarships funds for me and other aspiring pharmacists.  I will make the very best of my time at UF’s College of Pharmacy and dedicate myself to improving patients’ clinical outcomes.

Gustavo Rey Alvira-Arill

Gustavo Alvira-Arill
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