Crisafi Scholars 2021 - Jin Cheng

Jin Cheng June 13, 2017

My name is Jin Cheng and I am one of the recipients of the Crisafi Scholarship for the class of 2021. I wish I could meet you all in person and express my gratitude for your kindness because I believe it will make a tremendous impact in my first year of Pharmacy school. I wanted to go into the Pharmacy profession because of my desire to help people and to bring positive changes in our current healthcare. Never did I imagine that I would be receiving help from others during my journey there. I feel extremely indebted to all of those who donated. With this scholarship, I was able to reduce my financial burden and attend one of the top ten pharmacy schools as an out-of-state student. I feel less pressure to secure a part-time job during my P1 year and look forward to focusing my energy on my studies, student activities, and participation in research.

The existence of the Crisafi Scholarship and the number of people who helped raise the funds for it show the abundant amount of support that UF has for its students. I am constantly reassured of my decision to attend UF because I know that I will have the guidance to succeed and to find my niche in the Pharmacy profession. In return, I also want to reassure all of those who contributed to the scholarship by agreeing to always strive to become the best pharmacy student/pharmacist that I can be. I guarantee you that I will always remember your kindness and pay it forward in the future years.

Thank you all for your help!

Best regards,
Jin Cheng

Jin Cheng
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