Crisafi Scholars 2021 - Justin Collins

Justin Collins June 8, 2017

As a Crisafi Scholar, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your generosity and support of the pharmacy students at the University of Florida.

I am a student coming from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where I will be receiving my Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at the conclusion of this spring semester. I knew I wanted to attend pharmacy school when I realized that I had a natural aptitude towards the sciences of Biology and Chemistry along with a desire for a future in healthcare. Pharmacy school will be an excellent fit for me and will give me an incredible opportunity to find success. The University of Florida stood out to me as not only a prestigious and well-respected university, but also as a center for innovation and new ideas in the healthcare field. Upon receiving admission to this school, I did not hesitate to accept. In the future I hope to take my education into the field of pharmaceutical research and help discover new ways to treat patients.

This scholarship came as the most astonishing news after my admission. As a student coming from the other side of the country this scholarship will aid me personally. I will be moving to a new city and this scholarship will bring tremendous relief as I begin this new journey. The funds that this scholarship provides towards my tuition will help me achieve my goal of graduation from the University of Florida College of Pharmacy and using my education to make the world a better place. This scholarship also instills in me a sense of confidence knowing that you also believe in my dreams and in me.

Again I would like to thank you for your kind generosity in selecting me as a Crisafi Scholar.

Justin Collins

Justin Collins
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