Lyne Laboratories’ management and employees are well aware of Dr. Bob’s passion and enthusiasm for helping students who require financial assistance. The intent of Lyne’s donations to the Crisafi Challenge, over the years, has been to augment the donations given by UF COP alumni.  Among the employees of Lyne Laboratories, one will find the widespread presence of pharmacists who occupy key positions in the company. They include: The President and CEO; Regulatory Affairs, VP; Operations Manager, VP; Manufacturing Manager, Production Manager, Research and Development Manager;  Quality Control Manager;  Formulations Manager, and the founder of the Crisafi Challenge, Dr. Bob himself. All of Lyne’s pharmacists applaud this Scholarship Program which is designed to help  Pharm. D. candidates attain their dream of becoming a pharmacist.



Lyne Laboratories, Inc. October 22, 2017