I am presently retired and I’m writing to express my feelings about helping pharmacy students to reach their goals in life.  My pharmacy education allowed me the opportunity to be employed for 30 years by the prestigious pharmaceutical company, Parke Davis.  After retiring from Parke Davis, I wanted to continue to be active and I took a position as a staff pharmacist in a retail pharmacy for 16 additional years.  Few professions offer such opportunities.  By donating to the Crisafi Challenge, I feel that I will be helping others to have those same opportunities.

Dr Crisafi has been active in raising money for the University of Florida and also helping increase the membership of pharmacy students in Kappa Psi, the professional pharmacy fraternity. He has brought together the graduate brothers on a regular basis to help advance the profession and develop fellowship. I want to commend Dr Crisafi for all that he has done for Pharmacy and Kappa Psi.

Paul Myron, Kappa Psi Brother – Gamma Lambda Chapter –

Paul Myron, Kappa Psi Brother - Gamma Lambda Chapter - September 16, 2017