The Crisafi Challenge Scholarship Fund  is as important to Bob Crisafi as any business endeavor that he has ever undertaken.  In Dr. Bob’s own words, “when it comes to the “Challenge” I have a tendency to over-extend my passion to others because I know the excellent things that the Program has done for financially burdened students who wish to become pharmacists”.    The Challenge is an example of a grateful alum who, through this initiative, has sought to do something on an extraordinary level to help others.  While many talk of giving back, Dr. Bob has demonstrated the depth of his appreciation to the UF College of Pharmacy in a very profound way.


I am one of the three (3) Tarallo brothers who have had the privilege of knowing and working with Dr. Bob for the past thirty-eight (38) years in our business, Lyne Laboratories, Inc.   The story of how we came together is presented in a separate testimonial, and I encourage you to read it.   I’m certain that Bob’s generous spirit, his kindness, and his willingness to teach, mentor and lead motivated him to create the Challenge simply because worthy students would benefit.   Please consider that providing opportunities to pharmacy students who might otherwise not get a place at the table  is potentially life-changing.   Stop and think about that as you contemplate the value and significance of your support.


Philip Tarallo

Philip Tarallo Lyne Laboratories, CFO October 8, 2017