In 1964, when I was accepted for admission to the New England College of Pharmacy, my next challenge was paying for the tuition and books. Thanks to President Eisenhower’s National Defense Student Loan program I was able to borrow money at 2 % interest for the five years of college. Had it not been for this financial help I would never have had the opportunity to become a pharmacist and to have a chance to enjoy practicing the profession on a number of different levels. It enabled me to have a career, and provide medical help to the community. I feel I understand the critical need for financial aid in many different forms, and the long term benefits it provides to the individual and the community at large.

Thank You Dr Crisafi for all you have done for me personally, and your continuing efforts to promote and support the practice of pharmacy through your scholarship program.




Roy Kupkowski, Kappa Psi Brother – Gamma Lambda Chapter –

Roy Kupkowski, Kappa Psi Brother - Gamma Lambda Chapter - July 15, 2017