“Giving to the UFCOP has been a long tradition in our family.  We have always looked for the long term payout outcome.  When the Crisafi Challenge began two years ago we thought that this would be a perfect way to directly support scholarships to recruit the best and the brightest students. Now, two years into the Challenge, we truly see that the “outcomes” of this yearly endeavor.  Also, unlike some scholarships, every dollar raised goes to bright, needy first year PharmD students.  The other outstanding thing is that this scholarship money is raised within 10 days and we have surpassed our goal each of the first two years.  Bob Crisafi’s dynamic personality and his commitment to the UFCOP is why we, as Alumni and Friends of the UFCOP, continue to come forward each year.  We have been able to meet the recipients of the Scholarships and hear their stories and why they chose the UFCOP over many others.  We hope that by “Paying it Forward” we continue to get those students that will someday step into our footsteps and continue the UFCOP ‘Giving Legacy.’”

Stephen Reeder

Stephen Reeder April 5, 2017