We have known Dr. Bob Crisafi and his wife Barbara for over thirty-eight (38) years.  By way of background, during the summer of 1979 a mutual business acquaintance introduced us to Bob during a time my two (2) brothers and I were poised to launch a small pharmaceutical manufacturing business.  Little did we know that our business lives, our careers, and our personal lives would be changed forever . . . and in all ways good!  Since the association began almost four (4) decades ago our relationship with “Dr. Bob”, as he is affectionately known, has grown in any way that one can imagine, both professionally and personally.

As I mentioned, my brothers and I had started a small, part-time business while maintaining our full-time jobs; I worked in the pharmaceutical manufacturing field, Rob worked for CVS as a retail store pharmacist, and Phil worked in hospital sales.  In the course of exploring opportunities for our new business Dr. Bob was kind enough to make time in his schedule for an introductory meeting.  We shared our plans and discussed the potential to work together with Bob and his well-established business, the Regional Service Center (RSC).  Bob was an innovator in unit-dose packaging and, during his stewardship, RSC became the leader in unit-dose drug packaging for the U.S. hospital market.

Within two (2) months of our initial meeting Dr. Bob contacted us with a business proposition, one that he described as “a cold bath on a cold morning”!  With consideration for the fact that we were in the process of getting our own business off the ground, Bob suggested that this new opportunity would give us a 5-year head start.  The proposition that Bob presented involved Lyne Laboratories, Inc., a pharmaceutical manufacturing business that Bob founded in 1966.  He operated Lyne until its acquisition by Damon Corporation in the late 1960’s.  Damon was a diversified NYSE company with headquarters in the Boston area and Lyne was included in its healthcare business portfolio.  Bob had wisely negotiated a right of first refusal clause when he sold the business to Damon, and in the summer of 1979 he received a call asking if he was interested in reacquiring Lyne.  Bob immediately thought of us and the prospect of partnering together in a new edition of Lyne Laboratories.  A deal was struck and the rest, as they say, is history.

Our relationship started very quickly . . . it was truly “a cold bath on a cold morning” . . . and it has grown in many ways.  Most significantly, it has been a rewarding relationship that not only involved Dr. Bob’s mentoring of three (3) young men just starting their careers, but has led to a beautiful, life-long friendship.

Anyone who knows Dr. Bob personally is aware of his deep faith, and it is that faith that shaped Bob’s view on how our paths crossed in the summer of 1979.  Bob has always contended that it wasn’t fate that brought us together, but the intervention of the Holy Spirit.  Given what has transpired in the 38 years since, how can anyone disagree?!!

This brief testimonial not only confirms Dr. Bob’s commitment to education, but also to his pursuit of new relationships that provide opportunities to make a difference in young peoples’ lives. That is exactly what he is accomplishing with the Crisafi Challenge Scholarship Program.

Thank you Dr. Bob from the Tarallo brothers, Steve, Phil and Rob.

Stephen Tarallo

Stephen Tarallo Lyne Laboratories, CEO September 8, 2017