Dr. Bob asked me if I would donate money to his scholarship program at the university of Florida.  He talked to me for more than an hour about why he started raising money for scholarships. He told me that the college wanted to sign up smart students that lived in states outside of Florida, but the students had to pay high tuitions if they did not live in Florida. If they got a scholarship, that money would help them afford the tuition. Dr. Bob hired me to work as an intern in one of his companies as a maintenance mechanic when I was going to trade school. I look upon Dr. Bob as a father figure because he has given me advice on many things in my life. Now I have my own business and I told Dr. Bob that I would definitely donate to help students who need help for tuition. He told me the students that were awarded the scholarships are called Crisafi Scholars.  I feel like I’m a Crisafi Scholar myself because of the things Dr. Bob taught me. Instead of a picture of myself, I submitted a picture of Dr. Bob’s classic automobile.  When he stopped driving the car, he gave it to me as a gift.  Dr. Bob is really a true giver in my eyes.  I hope you accept the picture.

Steve Sampson

Steve Sampson September 15, 2017